The Butterfly Awards is an annual events that brings together those affected by the loss of a child. This year I was nominated for the award of Inspirational Mother 2019. Something I did not believe I could win but it was an honour to be nominated along with so many incredible mothers. So we were up early to get some things done before getting ready.
You had some food before falling asleep so mummy got her things ready, did her hair and make up and got your things ready to take you back to Pork's so nan and grandad could look after you.
Aunty Bennett met us at Pork's and we headed off to near Coventry for the awards. It took nearly 3 hours to get there but we made it in time and got a chance to have a drink and relax before everything started.
Mummy got to speak to some amazing people who we hope to work with in the future to make things easier for those experiencing some of the things we have been through.
When the awards started we got a chance to remember all the babies that were taken too soon. When mummy saw Esme's name on the screen it made her cry, she was sad but also happy that everyone got to see her name and know of her.
After that we had dinner and watched some amazing acts, sing, dance and perform. As the awards were read mummy was getting nervous but knowing the other amazing mummies in her category she just wanted to enjoy the ceremony and meet everyone.
When it came to the inspirational mother category, our story was read out. It made mummy very proud that we can share it. Then as the winner was announced mummy was in shock as it was her 😱 she was shaking as she went up to the stage- not knowing what to say as her thank you it didn’t quite come out as she hoped.
We then saw more amazing people before saying our goodbyes and heading home. We were all very tired and finally got back to Pork's house before heading home ourselves.


Thank you to everyone that voted, shared commented and talks about BOTH of my girls! We won’t stop raising awareness and helping others but rely on your continued support to make this possible. 😘




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