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Our Journey and our future

Hi, I'm Ashley.

After 4 rounds of IVF I finally got pregnant and was expecting twins!


At just 24 weeks I went into spontaneous labour and immediately assumed the worse.

After a 12 and a half hour labour with just gas and air our first born, Esme, was born sleeping weighing just 670g but still perfectly formed and beautiful.

Our second daughter was born 50 minutes later. Isla was just 655g and just as beautiful and perfect as her sister.

From that day she has fought hard to show and teach us our purpose in life! To give back to others!  

Thanks to Isla’s strength and courage we have dedicated our lives to helping those that helped us through our darkest days. 

When Isla was first transferred to the Royal London Hospital we had lots of family and friends asking how she was doing and we found it hard to reply to everyone.


It was then I decided to create a secret group to update everyone daily with pictures and events of the day. We followed this through up until day 200 when, together with my husband, we created our page- Isla's Journey- this not only documents her daily adventures and milestones but also our aspirations to help others. 

We hope, with the help of others, that we can grow into a worldwide company (and charity) to help support families when they need it.

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